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In life there are somethings that you simply can’t live without and if you have already managed to do so, then I am about to make your life so much easier. I am sure you all know that feeling of what to wear friday night, you have nothing right? Well with these 5 pieces you are guarantied a safe and classic look. Remember it is the small things that counts.

The first thing you need before you can full end your outfit is some classic glam; You need a pair of earrings.

I would defiantly go for the stud earrings, they are so simple, classic and yet so hip. They are so easy to wear both for every day and for a dinner event and they will make sure that you look very elegant.

You can choose between a very classic and elegant pair of earring studs or you can choose the more modern and hip but still very classic pairs of earrings studs. Theres so shame in only wearing one earring stud if you choose the more modern and hip one like the one from Sophie Bille Brahe shown below.


Earring stud in 18 karat yellow gold with diamonds from Sophie Bille Brahe


Earring studs in 18 karat white gold with white diamonds – designer unknown

The second thing you need is a bracelet; a simple, classic but still noticeable one. Even though you wear a small and tiny bracelet, people will still notice it and with these small bracelets you can choose to style it up by wearing it next to your watch or even stack a hole bough of simple bracelets together.

Some might say the the most simple and classic bracelet must be the tennis bracelet. I love tennis bracelet – I even love the ones with the really small diamonds the most. But it you want to be a little different and not to safe, then I would go for something else.

My first wish would difinatly be the Royale bracelet from Shamballa Jewels – I love it to the moon and back. This bracelet is so simple and so classic and it works very well on it’s own but also in a mix with other bracelet designs.

The good thing about these simple and classic jewellery’s in general is, that you can keep them in decades and be pretty sure that in teen, twenty or even thirty years you will still love them and maybe even pass them on to your children or grandchildren. That is the thing I love the most about jewellery – it can hold up so many memories, so many emotions, so much love and even sadness. It holds a story or many – so keep on buying them jewels.


Bracelet from Shamballa Jewels in 18 karat rose gold with white diamonds


Bracelet in 18 karat gold with white diamonds – Unknow designer.

The third thing you need is a ring. Here I would go for the simple eternity ring with white diamonds – not the eternity ring with diamonds half around the ring but diamonds all around the ring. These diamonds are so small so in my opinion it’s not a question of the money difference.

I love that you can free style with these rings as you like; you can choose to wear only one ring on your finger, stacks a hole bunch of them on one finger, to fingers, tree fingers or you can have one ring on tree to four fingers – personally the last is my favorite.

These rings are very well suited to be mixed with other rings, lots of women choose them as a wedding ring because it goes very well with there engagement ring.


Ring from Illeana Makri in 18 karat gold with white diamonds

Ring from Illeana Makri in 18 karat white gold with white diamonds


Ring in 18 karat white gold black rhodium plated – designer unknown

The fourth jewellery that you need is hoop earrings! These are one of my favorite jewelry’s, I think they can make you look very hip and very elegant, they are so stylish and yet so casual. They really manage to give your outfit that extra glow.

They come in a various of designs, some with diamonds, other gem stones, some without stones and only in metal such as gold. All of them will be a good choose, but off course the ones with diamonds are on my favorite list; So go find out witch ones you prefere according to your personal style.

Skærmbillede 2016-01-27 kl. 21.13.31

Unknown designer, but these hoop earrings are very classic. Find some similar ones here.

Skærmbillede 2016-01-28 kl. 16.53.21

Earring in 18 karat gold from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

The fifth and last piece of jewellery that you need, is an elegant necklace you can use both as an everyday accessorize and as an evening jewellery. Lots of different brands has designed a various of simple and delicate necklaces with pendants, some of these it’s possible to remove the pendant if you want to wear only the necklace. For me a took a while to get used to the very small pendants, I’ve have also been more funned of a necklace with a larger pendant on, but now it get it. It is to easy and casual to wear small and simple jewelry’s. I like to mix these very simple necklaces together with other simple necklaces, the lenght of the necklace just have to vary.


Necklace in 18 karat white gold with white diamonds from Tacori


Necklace in 18 karat gold with white diamonds from Monique Péan

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