Delfina Delettrez Fendi

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Delfina Delettrez Fendi is a self-made italian jewellery designer born in 1987 in Rome, as part of the fourth generation of the Fendi family. Delfina grew up in a very creative environment, her father Bernard Delettrez was a jewellery designer and her mother Silvia Venturini Fendi was the creative director for accessories at Fendi, and they both shaped Delfina, and provided her with knowledge of how to run a successful business within the fashion industry.

In my opinion, Delfina is a very brave young woman who dares to design very bold and fun and original pieces. It is like she can transfer the most normal things into magic just by adding diamonds. Delfina, herself, describes her designs as: “I like to describe my jewellery as toys for adults.”

In her designs she uses a lot of natural forms, such as animals, skeleton parts and eyes. Further she mixes different motives and gives them a very luxurious look. A good example of Delfina’s use of the human body as a source of inspiration is a skeleton hand in silver with diamonds and a cabochon ruby. This pieces was sold out in Opening Ceremony and cost a staggering $25,553.

Delfina’s first jewellery collection came out in 2007 and was sold in Collette. Today, her designs are sold all over the world and she has just opened a new store in London. Since 2007 she has expanded her jewellery line together with different partners making eyewear, gloves and shoes – however her passion still lies in designing jewelleries.


beae526690c89bbde6f43a8ae4da1adeAmazing gold leaf earrings with enamel.

e25fa87ad5e83b3f6e78126870cd59c6Frog ring with gemstones from the collection “Garden of delight”.

33f91cd62b37dfca71589ce0a8265f29Ring in 9 karat gold with different colored gemstones and a pearl.

e8d574a5b2d0e98cfd7560af3f94e8c7Cool gold bracelet with white diamonds in different shapes.

to-bee-or-not-to-be-piercing-earringEarring in gold with white diamonds and a pearl. Beyonce has worn this amazing piece.

a45fed54933aee7f8dfb29e4e1cee24fThe Devils Eye motive is commonly used in all kinds of jewellery designs. Here in gold with diamonds and sapphires.

5d508ada77e0da6e82d4e22fbc30399b18 karat gold earring with peals a tiny white diamond and a blue topaz.

2814d5e2e8be25c55dc347ea1a3c8d4418-karat gold ring with diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

b5fac2e399c2c61eb0b9d132a0fd1456Ring in gold and ivory skull.

f992cd93eafae062be221d861b25a248Pink gold ring with diamonds in different shapes.

77f0e6af652c53717583342980991444Silver bracelet with white diamonds and a cabochon ruby.



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