The 90’s choker is back!

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The velvet choker was a classic hit of the 90’s – and today it truly has its renaissance!

Over the last few seasons the choker has found its way back on to the runways, the red carpet and even into women’s everyday wardrobe. Further, celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne has all been spotter wearing a velvet choker.

The velvet choker can be styled in lots of different ways; a simple look is to wear it its own or with a nice pendent – that is a great match! In the 18th and 19th century, , the velvet choker was a common piece of jewellery amongst European royalties – here the velvet choker was mixed and used with different gemstones, pearls or a golden pendants.

Today, various fashion brands use the velvet choker in a more simple way with lesser decorations. This gives the choker a simpler look, and makes it easier to style and wear with other necklaces.

I think the choker is a great way to wear an exclusive piece of jewellery and that the velvet gives you a really cool look. Also, the choker is easy to make yourself – as it is nothing more than a piece of velvet – you don’t even need a jewellery lock to keep it together, here a knot can to the trick just fine.

One of the first temporary jewellery brands which reintroduced the velvet choker was the famous American brand “Fallon”. And after spotting Rihanna wearing the velvet choker from Fallon, a lot of other brands followed the trend, and now the velvet choker is available in shores as Top Shop, Asos etc. – so go and get yours!


Aurora-Rose-Quartz-Heart-Choker-1_1024x1024Velvet choker with pendent from Rock N Rose. Buy it here.unspecified-28Velvet choker from Fallon. Buy it hereunspecified-25Velvet choker from Fallon. Buy it here.

Zaria-Turquoise-Choker-2_1024x1024Velvet choker with a semi-precious turquoise gemstone pendant from Rock N Rose. Buy it here.

d89c90f6f7d95aa0f6e3b3073a70249dVelvet choker with diamond pendents from unknown designer.

8d69efed3cd56ca433faf98d2e7938bcVelvet choker form the 19th century.

Janis-Set-of-Three-Velvet-Chokers_1024x1024Velvet choker from Rock N Rose. Buy it here.

velvet_choker-6Velvet choker from Are You Am I. Buy it here.





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