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The first version of the Apple Watch was not a design success – at least not if you ask critics of the fashion industry. Apple even handed out watches to Karl Lagerfeld in hope that he would make an appearance with the watch and kick off for the promotion and sales in the fashion industry – however little did it help.

Apple had to come up with some other ideas if they wanted to reach out to a broad audience and so they did. In September 2015 Apple announced that they will be partnering with the French luxury house Hermès to release an Apple Watch with the design of a high-end leather watch with straps handmade by Hermès artisans in France, this watch would be available in selected stores around the world on October 5 2015.

The price of the watch varies depending on which design you prefer; the single band will be around $1,100 and the double band will be around $ 1,500. It is not a cheap watch, but that is the hole idea, this is a gadget watch in a luxury disguise. It is a very attractive watch, more like a piece of jewellery which can be an integrated IT-part of the owner’s life.

If you want a more personal watch, you can choose between different colours of leather and you can customize the watch by choosing between three typefaces, three numeral displays and three complications; stopwatch, date and world clock.

My favourite watch is defiantly the double band in tan leather; it has a very unique and timeless look and is for me the ultimate tool for modern life.













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