Hula Hoops… I mean, Hoops – just hoops…

april 7
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After being beaten by much more trendier earring styles, the hoop earring found its way back to the jewellery top choices. It brings back both the Studio 54 vibe and a feeling of summer’s fresh outfits. Hoop earrings have had a somewhat bad reputation since the 90′ as they were often considered to be a bit un-ladylike and trashy. Now the hoop earrings have shaken the bad reputation off – and today they are often seen worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian and fashion bloggers – thus, the hoops are a well-known guest on the red carpet.

These earrings are now back in fashion and cool, raw and feminine at the same time! You can style the earrings in various ways and really spice up your look with that bohemian-but-classy-at-the-same-time look! They are so easy to wear during the day, at the office or for an evening occasion, and women of all ages can join in on the hoop trend, as the design of these are endless.

You can wear the hoops in many ways and get a lot of different looks by styling it differently; you can get a real beautiful, sophisticated and classic diamond hoop look, or a more fresh, modern and simple look. Many younger women style the hoops by pairing different sizes, the big ones first and then some smaller ones to follow.

Hoop away, girls!

686724_in_ppDelfina Delettrez hoop earring in 18 karat white gold with a pearl.

679634_in_ppIppolita hoop earrings in 18 karat gold.

F-28051715_aFinn love hoop earrings in 18 karat gold.

ARM-30071920_aArman hoop earrings in 22 karat gold with green tsavorite stone set in oxidized sterling silver.

JM-31051330_aJen Meyer hoop earrings in 18 karat gold with white diamonds.


Aurélie Bidermann hoop earrings in brass plated with gold. 

SK-32021009_aSharon Khazzam multi colored hoop earrings in 18 karat gold with amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, clear sapphire, coral, emerald, green tourmaline, orange sapphire, peridot, pink sapphire, purple sapphire, purple tourmaline, rhodolite, ruby, tsavorite garnet, turquoise and yellow tourmaline.

TATE-31071717_aTate hoop earrings in 18 karat gold with white diamonds.

IN-31062700_aIrene Neuwirth hoop earrings in 18 karat gold with akoya pearls.

686722_in_ppDelfina Delettrez hoop earrings in 18 karat white gold with white diamonds.

hoopVenyx hoop earrings in 18 karat gold, black rhodium and white, yellow and blue diamonds, pink and blue sapphires, rubies and tsavorite garnet stones.

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