How to Shop For That Someone Special

april 12
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54a602532eb6b7336bec863e33287603Picture from Tiffany & co.

I know for a fact that it can be very hard to buy jewellery for that special someone of yours. She knows what she prefers, and this makes it near to impossible to succeed and equally more nerve wracking!

So, here is a helping hand and a guide to four different types of women, and what you should consider when you want to spoil your special one.

Last year American citizens spent an astonishing $4.8 billion on jewellery only for Valentine’s Day – but don’t worry – a piece of jewellery does not have to be expensive to be beautiful!

What you should ensure through, is take into careful consideration what type your woman you are buying jewellery to:

Type 1; the “IT” girl

This girl lives and dies for fashion and knows exactly what kind of jewellery to wear in what season – so, you better keep up with the fashion magazines and buy what’s hot! She the kind of girl who is not afraid of wearing something different and bold, as long as it is fashionable!

When buying jewellery for this girl, it is important for you to know if she prefers the real deal (i.e. 18 karat gold) or whether she is fine with jewellery not being in gold or with diamonds. Lots of innovative cool jewellery brands produce hip and trendy jewelleries that are very affordable. The jewellery trend this year is definitely a “choker”, have a look at this from Jennifer Fisher.


chookerKnot choker made of brass plated in 14 karat gold from Jennifer Fisher. 

Type 2; the girl who prefer not to wear any jewellery

If you are shopping for someone who barely wears any jewellery, keep in mind that what you buy has to be very simple and very basic. Do not choose something too big or flashy, but keep it simple – less is more for this girl. Maybe think about the message, purpose and meaning behind the jewellery.

My suggestion for this type of girl would be a very thin, modern and simple ring, or maybe even a watch that could go as a unisex watch.


Ring in 14 karat gold from Gabriela Artigas


Type 3; the girl who lives in her jewellery

For this girl, it is all about comfort. She wears the same jewellery every day and for every occasion – in the shower, when she sleeps and when she exercise in the gym.

It is important for you to consider something like along the lines of a simple thin gold chain of good quality, maybe some studs or a simple ring.

Quality and build in stamina is a key word for her, and the jewellery must be able to withstand everyday’s wear and tear.

Sterling silver covered with gold will in time lose the gold, so instead you should buy her jewellery in gold – there are lots of different gold karats varying from 10 karat to 24 karat. Just remember, the price will follow the karats.


Necklace made of 18 karat gold with white diamonds from Rebecca Elbæk


Type 4; the girl who’s not afraid of mixing

If your girl likes to mix and match her jewelleries, and loves playing around with different styles – then you should consider getting her something big and bold! She may be the type of girl who mixes her expensive bracelets with some plastic bracelet, and who is not afraid of stacking lots of different materials together. She likes to stand out in a crowd and she does it well. So, for this girl, it is all about having fun and this transcends into her mixing and matching different styles.


Bracelet from Dolce & Gabbana made of gold plated brass with Swarovski crystal drops



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