The Blue Moon Diamond

april 17
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landscape-1447355256-the-blue-moon-of-josephine-mountedThe Blue Moon Diamond 12.03 carat.

Last year on November 11th 2015, a new world record was set in Geneva. Sotheby’s had the worlds largest fancy vivid blue diamond ring of 12.03 carat for sale – it got sold for nothing less then CHF 48.6 million – $48.5 million, over $4 million per carat. Wow – the highest price per carat ever seen.

The blue diamond has a flawless clarity and a very beautiful blue color, it is a magnificent piece of stone, therefor the high price. David Bennet, the spokesman from Sotheby’s, described the stone as being “Magical”.

In January 2015 the diamond was found in South Africa, and experts say’s that the market for blue and pink diamonds is very popular and is attracting a lot of attention, because all natural colored diamonds are some of the rarest in the world. The blue diamond got the name “The Blue Moon” to reflect its rarity.

A Hong Kong billionaire, Joseph Lau, is the lucky owner of the Blue Moon Diamond. He bought it for his 7-year-old daughter Josephine, so the diamond is now renamed after her, “The Blue Moon of Josephine”. Such a lucky little girl! The rumors says, that Joseph Lau the day before, also bought her a 16.08 carat pink diamond at Christie’s for the cost of $28.5 million, he renamed the ring, “Sweet Josephine”.

I must say, that I really hope these rings are waiting in a security box for her till she get’s a lot older – the thought of a 7 year old girl wearing such expensive rings, kind of freaks me out. The thought of her loosing them is too much for me to handle. What a lucky girl!


A Sotheby's employee displays the rare Blue Moon Diamond during a preview at Sotheby's, in Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015. The 12.03 carat blue diamond is the largest cushion shaped fancy vivid blue diamond ever appear at auction. It is estimated to sell between 35 and 55 million US dollars. The auction will take place in Geneva, on Nov. 11, 2015. (Martial Trezzini/Keystone via AP)


Hong-Kong-billionaire-Joseph-Lau-and-girlfriend-Kimbie-Chan-Hoi-wan-and-daughter-JosephineJoseph Lau with his girlfriend and his daughter Josephine.






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