“I wear a lot of noisy pieces”

april 23
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Michéle Lamy is renowned throughout the jewellery and fashion industry for her eccentric persona, her tattooed fingers, her gothic-look and non the least – her golden teeth. To me she is one of the absolute stars! Michéle Lamy is obsessed with jewelleries, and she always wears seven or eight rings at a time. She, herself proclaims that “the first thing I do, when I wake up in the morning – even before pouring a cup of tea – is to put on my rings”.

Michéle Lamy was born in France and is married to the designer, Rick Owens – her age is a secret and impossible to track down – but who cares anyway, she looks amazing and her style is unbelievably cool. Initially, Michéle stated designing clothes, but her CV also entails film producing, and owning the Los Angeles cabaret restaurant called “Les Deux Cafes”.

Today, Michéle Lamy lives in a Parisian mansion, together with her husband and here she is designing massive diamond rings together with the Los Angeles-based jewellery designer Loree Rodkin. The collaboration with Loree Rodkin is called “Hunrod” and is a very expensive collection of diamond rings. These rings are not the classic ones, but are almost explosive in their vastness and look.

Besides rings, Michéle Lamy also wears a lots of earrings and bracelets, she mixes her old ivory bracelets together with bronze and silver bracelets, some of which she apparently found years ago on flea markets around the world with her husband. She has also inherited a lot of bracelets from her grandfather who was an accessorize designer for Poiret – so on her arm is a mix of different memories of her life and fashion designs – as she says; “The bracelets together are noisy which I enjoy. I wear a lot of noisy pieces around my neck too. And I love name tags.”

To me, this woman is just so raw and a true stylish woman at the same time – and I love the way she influences upcoming jewellery designers and forces them to challenge what is a “safe” design.

Have a look at some of the jewelleries from Hunrod below.





7244269144_aa3555fc1f_oRick Owens and Michéle Lamy





db9170d127d51ef05a340997617e474bI had to show you guys this picture of Michéle Lamy – her way of styling her jewelleries fascinates me a lot.

michele-lamy-hunrod-vogue-2-10sep14-pr_b_426x639Loree Rodkin and Michéle Lamy.

7ea5125fd9786b9098359184951f8622Ring from Hunrod.

Hunrod-DSM-4-420x420Ring from Hunrod.

Hunrod-DSM-7Ring from Hunrod.

1280-e2x4jxteebd2ee9q13cea1ptw4bz74418mhbyky1Ring from Hunrod.





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