april 29
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Who saw this one coming? The anklet is having a most unexpected rewival and definitely this summer’s new hot “must have”. It has already found it’s way to the runway, where both Calvin Klein and Chloé have displayed different anklet designs – also Vogue has it on the list of “What To Wear”.

I must admit that until recently, I never thought that the anklet would be the kind of accessory that I would be wearing this summer, especially because of the somewhat “tacky” reputation this piece of jewellery had since the late 90’s.

I think the anklet is really cool – especially if it looks as an integrated part of one’s shoe. Also, you should go for the ones with the simple details and wear them with a nice summer dress and flat sandals or sneakers as seen on the runway for Calvin Klein – it also works with a pair of jeans and high heels!

The anklet is a trend going a long way back in time – it is an asseccory that is more than a thousand years old, but still it ends up being a part of the fashion trend, though its bumpy ride throughout the years. It has developed and changed, but somehow the anklet has regained its reputation and is now here to stay for the spring and summer trend of 2016. Let’s hope it will not be another 20 years before the trend is acceptable again.

Look below for some inspiration on how to style your anklets and were to buy some of the more sophisticated anklets.


Anklet from Jacquie Aiche.


Anklet from Jacquie Aiche.


Anklet in gold with diamonds from Jacquie Aiche. Buy it here.


Anklet in 14 karat gold with diamonds and moonstones form Jacquie Aiche. Buy it here.


Anklet in gold with diamonds from Jacquie Aiche. But it here.


Anklet in gold with diamonds from Jacquie Aiche. Buy it here.


Anklet in gold with diamonds from Jacquie Aiche. Buy it here.



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