Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming up, this means you have to think about what to give her and what to plan for the day. And as I am sure many of you is already feeling stressed about what to give the woman how has everything, here is a helping guide on what to give the woman how loves unconditionally.

Mother’s Day is a day to honor the woman who raised and spoiled you with lots of love and gifts. It is a day that you celebrate with gifts, flowers, cards, candy or even a special gift like a spa or beauty treatment or a nice piece of jewellery. Mother’s Day has become more popular then ever before and is a true commercialized holiday for dining out and for jewellery sales around the world. This off course started in USA were the celebration of Mother’s Day began in the early 20th century i. Many people believe that two women called Julie Ward and Anna Jarvis from USA established the tradition of Mother’s Day – they began around 1870 to celebrate pacifism and disarmament amongst women each year. In 1907 Anna Jarvis held a private Mother’s Day to celebrate her own mother Ann Jarvis who has organized a Mother’s Day Work Club to improve health and cleanliness in the area she lived in.

Anna Jarvis wanted Mother’s Day to be a more a recognized day so she launched a campaign in order to make the day more important and to honor mother’s around the world. In 1908 Anna Jarvis arranged a service in Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia, were 407 mothers and their children were attending the service. Today the church has become the International Mother’s Day Shrine and is a tribute to all mothers.

So Mother’s Day is not only a typical American tradition, it actually has it’s own wonderful story to tell, therefor I think it is important to keep this traditions and to celebrate it your own way. I am sure all mothers will be very grateful just for being appreciated on a day like Mother’s Day – but off course a present is always a good idea and will defiantly make her happy – which is all that matters.

Below I have selected some different pieces of jewellery that in my taste could be of interest for a present to my own mother, and the good thing about jewellery is, that is always fits.

Happy Mother’s Day!

2b8962cabab281b95a02852743cfb539Ring in 22 karat gold with a rubelite lip stone from Marie-Hélene de Taillac.

IMG_7632Hearts ring in 18 karat gold with rubies from Jessica McCormack.

IMG_7626The heart ring looks amazing on your hand. So different and beautiful!

story-20160212114418-Jessica-McCormack-Heart-Ring-Emerald-Yellow_resized_773x475Hearts ring in 18 karat gold with green sapphires from Jessica McCormack.


IMG_7635Hearts ring in 18 karat gold with white diamonds from Jessica McCormack.

IMG_7619Cross ring in 18 karat gold with white diamonds from Nayla Arida.

11-Best-Friendship-Friend-BFF-accessories-gifts-jewelry-Karlie-Kloss-Jourdan-Dunn-BFFs-Repossi-couer-heart-ring-diamond-diamonds-18-karat-goldLimited edition ring in pink gold with white diamonds from Repossi.

ana5014a_bisEarring in 9 karat gold with a pearl and enemal red lips from Delfina Delettrez.



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