Inside the Jewellery Box of Laura Lawaetz

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In a brand new series of posts, I will be reporting from private jewellery boxes belonging to women who all have a distinct taste in jewellery, knows what looks good and how to wear it well!

The first jewellery box I have been so fortunate to have a sneak peek into, belongs to Digital Director at ELLE Denmark and fashion blogger, Laura Lawaetz.

I had a great chat with Laura about how everyday jewelleries often becomes a part of your identity and how jewelleries with sentimental value are the best. Laura loves “everyday jewelleries”, in fact her favourite kind of jewelleries are the ones she can’t leave the house without wearing. However, Laura also treasures jewellery pieces that have sentimental value to her. The picture below displays a variety of Laura’s jewelleries – they all have a special meaning to Laura and she wears them every day.

  • The gold ring is from Hellegerd and is a christmas present from her boyfriend, it means a lot to her and is something she treasures a lot.
  • The gold necklace with the pendent “April” engraved, is from RebekkaRebekka, and has a secret symbolic meaning only Laura and her boyfriend knows of… something to do with the both of them having their birthday in April.
  • The gold watch is from Omega and is something you will never see Laura without – it is a very beautiful and classic watch witch goes well with both gold and silver jewelleries because of its two colours.
  • The simple gold bracelet from Ganni in collaboration with Sophie Bille Brahe, is a bracelet that goes very well with lots of Laura’s jewelleries, especially with the gold watch.
  • The gold necklace with the palm pendent and the three pearl bracelet are from Anni Lu – “they make me happy and reminds me of summer all year around” says Laura. And how convenient that the summer has finally arrived.

Laura is not afraid to mix classic and modern pieces together, this is easy to see when looking inside her jewellery box. The golden watch is a true classic that never goes out of style, which allows Laura to mix and match the watch with fashion pieces such as the colorful bracelets. In the pictures below you can see how Laura used different styles together with her watch.

I love Laura’s style and I am a true fan of her blog “StyleJunkie” – I am sure you all know of it, but if not – then check it out here.

Stay tuned for further “Inside the Jewellery Box” posts.


Laura Law

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