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So, here’s one for the boys!

When planning on asking your love one to marry her, there are a few very important questions to be considered before you are ready to pop the big question. What size should the diamond be? What about the shape of the ring setting? The shape of the stone? The colour of the gold? – remember this ring will be worn by you loved one for the rest of her live – so you might as well get it right.

A lot of women feel naked without their ring on; you want her to get that feeling as well. This ring should be an everyday piece of jewellery with a unique and timeless design, so do your homework before buying the ring that should last forever.

The first thing you have to do before deciding on the ring, is deciding on the budget. There are so many silly “rules” and opinions on what a wedding ring should cost – e.g. “three months of the groom’s salary”, all of which in my opinion is pure nonsense. Choosing a budget is individually, but once you have that locked in, the search can begin!

Try window shopping and have fun with exploring different designs, you might be surprised on other ring styles, which you haven’t had in mind to start with. So visit lots of different jewellery stores before choosing the ring, it is always a good idea to look, get information, walk away, think and come back; remember whatever catches your eyes won’t slip your mind that easy.

Preferences on clarity, cut, and setting of the stone will differ based on personal taste, but if you want to do your homework, then it is a good idea to study on the four C’s. But don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize them or fell the urge to rock this knowledge, because as long as you find a good and trustworthy jeweller he will guide you through it.

Here is a little guide on the four C’s, which will help you in the search of the perfect stone;

Carat: Diamond carat size is measured by how much the diamond weighs. It is not only the weight of the diamond that determines the value of it, two diamonds with the same carat weight can be very different in value because the quality of their cut, colour and clarity.

Cut: When talking about cut, it refers to the light and how well it sparkles. Lots of people think that cut is about the shape of a diamond, but really it is about a diamonds cut ability on how well the facets catches the light.

Colour: The colour grading system begins with the letter D which means that the stones are colourless and then continues with increasing presence of colour to the letter Z. Lots of these colour scales are invisible to the untrained eye, but never the less the colour has a big meaning in determine the quality and price. And if you want to be a big spender then you so go for D, E and F which are the most valuable and rarest diamonds because they are colourless.

Clarity: A diamond is formed under extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth. This means that all diamonds contains small imperfections called inclusions. This means that clarity refers to how well these imperfections are present in the stone, and if it contains a lot of these imperfections it means that the stone has less brilliance.

Have a great search – and good luck!



Ring in 18 karat gold with a white 85 carat brilliant cut diamond from Megan Thorne


Ring in 18 karat gold with with 0.08 carats of white diamonds, a green 1.16-carat tourmaline and 0.24-carats of tsavorites from Aurélie Bidermann


Ring in 18 karat yellow gold with 0.49 carat old mine diamond cut set in 14 karat white gold from Lori McLean


Ring in 18 karat white gold with white diamonds surrounding the yellow diamond center stone from Tiffany’s 


Heart shaped white diamond ring in 18 karat gold from Jennifer Meyer


 Ring in 22 karat gold with blackened details, small white diamonds and a pink sapphire from Cathy Waterman


Ring in 18 karat gold with a 0.5 carat white antique cut diamond from Ruth Tomlinson 


Ring in 14 karat white gold with small white diamonds and a 3.40 carat morganite stone from Ross Simons


Antique diamond ring from unknown designer


Ring in 18 karat white gold with a white diamond from Tiffany’s


Ring in 18 karat white gold with a pave diamond band and a princess cut diamond center stone from Hidalgo


Ring in 18 karat white gold platinum with a 31 carat ashoka diamond center stone from Chopard


Ring in 18 karat white gold with 1.27 carat rose cut diamond center stone and small brilliant cut diamonds from Yasuko Azuma


Ring in 18 karat white gold with white diamonds and a blue sapphire from an unknown designer 


Ring in 18 karat white gold with blue sapphires and diamonds from Cartier










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