Tooth Fairy Bling

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My warmest thoughts goes to Kim Kardashian, who suffered a horrible robbery in Paris last week – what a terrible act – poor Kim.

This picture is posed as a tribute to her and I just think her style is very sexy, voluptuous and stylish…. and that rock – OMG! Unfortunately, that was one of the pieces that the robbers got away with and realistically that stone is never to be found again – what a shame. Thank god for Kanye and his wallet, cause Kim already got a new one!

Now, when talking about Kim we have to briefly touch upon the new “grill” tooth trend that she are committed to. Rihanna, Rita Ora, Cara, A$AP Rocky and now Kim Kardashian has all been spotted as followers to this new tooth movement – a movement designed by the 29 year old Paris based dental technician, turned jewellery designer, Dolly Cohen. To me the jewellery is like a ring for the teeth – pretty much as “Little Wayne-rock and roll as it gets ” but still with an odd and really expensive “I don’t give a fuck” attitude!

Dolly Cohen startede her business wanting to make something for women and now every piece she makes starts by her meeting with her clients first – here she examine  their teeth and makes a mold and they begin to brainstorm ideas.

Every piece is custom handmade in chromium chromate and gold-plated with 18 karat white or yellow gold. Such a piece costs around 200 euros and up. And just as every teeth-mold is unique, Dolly Cohen never reuses a design all pieces are one of a kind!

I dare you to style your teeth with real bling – and look like a real fashionista – so go on and get your one-ofakind tooth bling!








12Supermodel Cara Delevingne wearing her special made touth bling “CARA”.




08Rihanna wearing her special made lip bling.




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