Want to look chic without spending to much money?!

oktober 29
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I am sure you know the feeling of wanting to shop really heavily – you have the magic gift of finding lots of great things in all kind of shops, but the problem is; Not enough money!

And sure its easy to look real great, hip and fashion if you could buy all the right things in all the right and expensive shops – But don’t give up just because your credit card has a limit, try to be a bit more creative and have fun finding the things you like at a great price.

Lots of fashion firms helps us “poor” girls, to look chic without having to spent all of our money. Look at this cool choker from Gucci, you would look stunning in it, but your bank account would be bankrupt. Luckily for us girls Top Shop designed this cool fashion choker, which I think looks a lot like the one from Gucci. You can easily style it cool for an everyday outfit or for a party, no one would ever think that you bought this special piece from Top Shop – it looks like the real deal. That’s the great thing about fashion jewellery  – it’s hip, stylish and no one can tell wheres it’s from. Your job is just to style it with class!



IMG_4698Choker necklace from GUCCI



TS61T57JBLK_Zoom_F_1Choker necklace from Top Shop – awesome for all the parties to come.




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