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december 6
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If you plan to give someone special in your life a piece of jewellery or even just yourself an early Christmas gift, then why not give it in a personal jewellery box in which you can customize by selecting a letter, a word or a symbol. – just the box is a great gift!

This jewellery box is such an amazing thing to costumize and it will keep the memory alive of the ring you give in a more personal way – sort of a symbol on a symbol – because in my world, jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive and what would be a more special way of doing this by giving it in a beautiful box like this.

The brand behind these boxes is called The Mrs. Box – it is not very easy to find out who is behind the brand but it is very easy to get the story behind why they started making these amazing ring boxes.

It all began with the love for colors and with the spirit that things should not remain as they always have been, so in that believe they stated designing these handmade ring boxes using velvet with limited edition exclusive colors. They wanted to reinvent the joy of a beautiful ring box as they were in the old days – somehow the design development of ring boxes became very boring in time, so they decided to change that. Luckily for us – we can buy these beautiful ring boxes and make them our very own by choosing the color we prefer and make it more personal by adding our letter on top of the ring box.

I can’t get my eyes of them and I find all them truly amazing – they sort of take me back to the Victorian time because of the colors, the velvet and the gold letters on some of the boxes – it is joy for my eyes! And a box in it self is a wonderful present – a ring or no ring in the box, it doesn’t matter, the ring box is very special on it’s own.




















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