Pearls – Pearls – Pearls

januar 21
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A trend this season among the world of real fashionistas and fashion interested girls has been beaded earrings. A true fashion lover has been wearing these statement earrings as an everyday jewellery – no matter the size, the length, the shape and the color of the earrings, they haven’t been too big to wear even on a lazy Monday.

I love these earrings; they inspire me and lighten up my inner happiness because they have their own party going just by looking at them. They are super cool and can in my opinion make every outfit shine like a star.

The Italian jewellery brand Aprosio & Co. has hand made these earrings for years, but this season the success has been endless. Cherries, animals, flowers or just dazzled beaded earrings has been walking around the streets of Copenhagen.

Lots of girls, whether it is because of the cost of these earrings – ohhh yes – big bugs for these handmade beaded earrings – real expensive but much needed – or if it’s the creative girls – lots of girls makes the earrings them self. It is easy to find a recipe online on how to make them; so, look below you might get inspired on what to make or what to buy.


lot29_09_01_1731956_largeEarrings from Aprosio & Co.

Lot_2929775_largeEarrings from Aprosio & Co.

APROSIO_orecchini_AP06-1Earrings from Aprosio & Co.

3f1fa845a5a210a06ad966dab9542d98Earrings from Aprosio & Co.

751499699557ed1cc5dc21b2202dc88fEarrings from Aprosio & Co.

84ba70158ad5446a9c0bed6097dd8712Earrings from Aprosio & Co.

8565c3dec379d2b00cc79085c70b2e67Earrings from Aprosio & Co.

45e8788e22f59fd67a704e32948a31d4Earrings from Aprosio & Co.

7fb2e0a9b0e64155448d3fc6fc97fc88Earrings from Oscar de la Renta

Or-112-A_webEarrings from Aprosio & Co.

9bc3ba958edf021be2d2331d5c43843dEarrings from Oscar de la Renta


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