Unexpected Partnership

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Skærmbillede 2017-10-03 kl. 10.26.12Platform Crocs – from Balenciaga and Crocs 


Ohhh yes – this is real! Get ready for 2018’s big surprise; Balenciaga and Crocs has in secret been partnering up and the end result is the classic Crocs sandal but in platform! I have to write about this because, it is fantastic news and because of the adorable kind of jewellery’s on top of the shoe.

The platform Crocs will only be available exclusively at Balenciaga’s website and stores worldwide in Spring 2018 so for all the fans, you have to stay patience.

Please look at the small accessories on top of the shoe, how cute is that! Like a little jewel sitting on your foot, a small detail but still something you see. I must say, from being a NO kind of girl on the Cross shoe, I am now officially a fan. You get to wear a comfortable sandal while getting up on some “heels”. This is were fashion and comfort meets – finally! A fashion shoe in great colours and with accessories on top of them, so what’s not to like people?!

What a fantastic partnership!


Skærmbillede 2017-10-03 kl. 10.20.19Yellow platform Crocs – from Balenciaga and Crocs 

Skærmbillede 2017-10-03 kl. 10.20.52Pink platform Crocs – from Balenciaga and Crocs 

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