Bonjour; Paris Fashion Week 2017

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1020Girls gotta eat!

c0063a1c53d4b0852843cbfff4eb17f6One of my favorite spots in Paris – the chic Café de Flore. This is what a Parisian breakfast should look like! 

Skærmbillede 2017-10-05 kl. 11.01.20What an amazing gold statement necklace she is wearing!


Paris week 2017 is the event of the year – it brings fashion people around the world together for a few hectic days that is filed up with a big program during the days such as; seeing all the magnificent fashion shows, attending the hottest parties and bringing lots of colleagues such as friends together for a week in the name of fashion. For me this would be a week with lots of amazing inspiration!

But if you as I can’t join them – then let’s see what kind of jewelleries they wear and how they wear it, that’s inspiration as well!

Photographers around the world has off course been busy blitzing, how lucky for us;


1020-18I love how simple it looks with the long simple earrings she is wearing – no necklace or anything else that bothers this look! The earrings get to speak for them self, which I think is wonderful.

Skærmbillede 2017-10-03 kl. 12.06.39She is wearing some short earrings and some bracelets – very simple, nothing noisy about her accessories. In this outfit, her clothes are the centre of attention. A wonderful colour that dress have, it just looks very chic!

1020-11This is a true statement earring, it is something you look at right away. This earring would also have been called an ear cuff, because of the earring on top on her ear. It has a very simple look – simple lines, even though it is big and noticeable. 

1020-3I think this woman looks stunning – the green emerald colour is one of my favourites. And styled with a long pair of earrings looks very classy. The broch gives it something extra and for me, a vibe of autumn. Very lovely.

1020-13Leandra from Manrepeller is just one of my favourite fashion girls. She has this very personal, unique and colorfull style that just makes me smile while looking at her. Her style is in a way very simple but so different, I guess she is one of those girls, that just looks good in whatever she wear’s. In this outfit, she has chosen to wear some big and simple gold hoops – always a good choice.

1020-14A very simple choice; a ring. One ring on both hands. That’s it!

1020-12This is just wow! So so beautiful – like walking around with a piece of art in your hand. Amazing! And then off course, the Cartier nail bracelet – well, what an amazing choice. It looks very stylish! 

1020-2This look is very classic and very chic. I think all the chains around her neck is part of her amazing dress, but you get the feeling that she is wearing a big statement necklace. That looks cool!

1020-1I think this look is very simple; it is beautiful, classy and sexy. The long pearl earrings look amazing to the red lips and her white outfit. I like it.

1020-16Bordeaux and off white just goes hand in hand – those colours are just a match made in heaven. And then together with that amazing and classy watch and the gold bracelets it gives it a snowy kind of vibe. 

1020-8In this outfit, she has chosen to wear a simple pair of earrings – it looks cool together with the high-necked dress she is wearing.

1020-5Punk in an expensive look kind a way. It looks like she is wearing a Chanel bag and jacket – so together with that dark look she is pulling of, and that black velvet choker and cross earrings, well this girl looks hot. I love how she has styled her jewelleries.

1020-7Supermodel Joan Smalls just rocking that sporty outfit! Again, a very classy choice; big gold hoops styled with a very simple gold necklace – it looks very beautiful and goes well with any kind of outfit.

1020-6This outfit has an amazing beautifully blue colour and together with the stack of bracelets she is wearing, it gives it a kind of bohemian and chic look.

1020-10This woman is wearing a very large pair of hoops with pearls on them. A classic choice with the hoops and the pearls, but these hoops are very different and very cool – statement hoops in a fun and classy way!

1020-15In this look the dress is doing the talking – so beautiful like a fashion fairy tail. She has chosen to take on some short earrings and some bracelets on both arms, I like the simplicity of this magical look.

1020-17Don’t forget to spoil your hair – this Chanel hairclip is just to die for! I want it!

1020-9The only jewellery on this picture is a choker! Well done!

1020-4It is not very often I see girls how chose to wear statement earrings in both ears. The look at the moment, is to wear only one statement earring at a time, but this girl is looking damn hot with both of her withe feather statement earrings – and her necklace and all her rings. I like it when people wear what the feel amazing in, but in my opinion, when wearing that many jewelleries at a time (which I am totally in for), I would have chosen to wear only one statement earring. 




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