“Code Coco” by Chanel

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The first watch collection in Chanel was back in 1987 and was called Première collection, a lot has happened since then, but only a few handful of Chanel watches has been made since then.

Now in 2017, Chanel has just revealed their new watch “Code Coco” which is inspired by the brands classic Chanel bag 2.55 – a jewellery watch made in steel available with or without diamonds. The pattern has been used on the classic Chanel bag over time, but this is the first time that the pretty crisscrossing pattern will appear on a Chanel watch.

The name “Code Coco” refers to the rotating metal bar on top of the watch, which can be set in two positions; one that reveals what time it is and one that hides it – much like a code, how great is that! That makes this watch, just as much a bracelet as it is a watch – such a fun and cleaver design. “More than a watch, a jewel. More than a jewel, a watch”, as they say at Chanel.

The “Code Coco” watch is priced at $5,000 USD for the plain stainless-steel version and $9,100 USD for the version with diamonds. Off course there is also made a special edition, only five pieces in the world, that version is made of white gold and has diamonds all over, it is prices at $956,000 USD. Take a closer look at the amazing “Code Coco” watches here.

So, I guess some “Dear Santa….” letters and wishes are in order….


ur1Chanels watch “Code Coco” in stainless steel with diamonds

montre_code_coco_de_chanel_3785.jpeg_north_298x_whiteChanels watch “Code Coco” in stainless steel with the metal bar turning horizontal so that time is being revealed.

montre_code_coco_de_chanel_7306.jpeg_north_298x_whiteChanels watch “Code Coco” in stainless steel. Here with the rotating metal bar vertical so that the time has been hidden away and the watch becomes a bracelet.

H3248-characteristic-0-3080-white-nocrop-1474530642550The first watch ever made in Chanel from the “Premére collection” in 1987

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