Welcome to JEWELOVIN – and thank you for following.

My name is Adelaide Minch and JEWELOVIN is my platform for presenting my passionate heart for the art of exclusive jewellery and all that surrounds this wonderful universe.

Growing up in Copenhagen, I have always strived to explore the world of jewellery. This brought me to jewellery fashion weeks in London, New York and Paris, where I exhibited my own exclusive jewellery brand, “Adelaide Jewellery”. Now back in Copenhagen, I wish to share my experiences and spread the good word on how to study and love the numerous different jewellery trends of the world.

My hope is that JEWELOVIN will catch your fancy and be your guide on the trends and tricks of the inspirational jewellery business, providing you with sound inspiration, guidance and exciting new takes on how to wear the jewellery that you love.

Let’s get inspired!


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